Designer. Developer. Researcher.

I make products for people—from researching the problem and requirements, to building the final experience and interface, and all that's in between.




UX Product Manager

Data analysis, UX , research and testing for new features in Poker Web.
  • Performed background research, user analysis, and A/B testing as part of the design process for a new subscription model.
  • Configured final tuning parameters and UX flow for a viral engagement feature which increased Facebook-feed app entry by 36%.
  • Designed initial UX wireframes and design specifications for a new feature expected to increase Daily Active Users up to 10%.
  • Analyzed player demographics by monthly spend to better know the sources of revenue, and which players to target for new features.
  • Managed, analyzed, and reported on key metrics for various in-app experiments.


Product Designer

Usability optimization and user testing for the core food-logging feature.
  • Redesigned the meal-logging experience by leveraging user testing data, in order to better reflect the observed mental model of logging food, which improved clarity and speed of navigation.
  • Enhanced the food portion picker interface to improve user confidence when logging food items.
  • Managed the early design process for the coach dashboard, inviting collaboration with all stakeholders to better understand product requirements.
  • Prototyped and iterated interaction on designs using Sketch, Framer, and Origami, and tested using Usability Hub and


UX Designer

User research, information architecture and UI design for the mobile apps.

    User Experience

  • Redesigned both iOS and Android apps from the ground up. Everything from the registration flow, to the in-app experience for all use cases.
  • Leveraged customer feedback to improve the flow of the app to better correspond with the 3 use-cases of the product.
  • Initiated and oversaw the preliminary design of the new company homepage, and corporate portal.
  • Designed and developed the KnowRoaming Athletes sign-up page using HTML5, CSS3, CoffeeScript and PHP.
  • Product Management

  • Lead weekly design meetings with all stakeholders to discuss design of the mobile apps and websites.
  • Created, branded and optimized a core company service, now called ReachMe.
  • Other Design

  • Designed and prototyped a retail stand for dispensing product boxes and displaying product information in retail stores.
  • Designed a new product package concept, reducing the box side by 50% by leveraging unique features of the KnowRoaming product.
  • Storyboarded, and animated an app intro video for the updated KnowRoaming app.
  • Created 3D concept models of an automated sticker application device using AutoCAD and Inventor.


UI Designer

UI/UX design and front-end development for a discovery feature in MediaGo.
  • Lead the design and development for a new music-discovery/radio feature in MediaGo.
  • Developed the front-end for the new feature using HTML, SASS and jQuery.
  • Proposed a UI re-design of the entire MediaGo application, enhancing aesthetics, and ove user experience.
  • Designed promotional graphics and videos for MediaGo.

University of Waterloo

Systems Design Engineering

B.ASc. with Cognitive Science minor.


About me

Portrait taken by Natasha Choo

I'm a product designer, and recent grad from Systems Design Engineering at the University of Waterloo, with a minor in Cognitive Science. My multidisciplinary background allows me to bring a holistic process to everything I design.

I've designed at Noom, KnowRoaming, Sony and Zynga, conducting user research, developing user flows and wireframes, refining UIs, and testing prototypes. I recently won the Norman Esch Entrepreneurship award with Chameleon Hearing Protection.

When I'm not making products, I enjoy making music. In April 2017 I had the amazing opportunity to sing at the Beacon Theatre in New York with the Water Boys for the ICCA finals.

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